ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal

The game follows the story of Amy, a young girl from London who on her eighteenth birthday receives the strangest present in her life – a magic rune – from an even stranger creature, a goblin who appeared out of nowhere and disappeared without saying anything. The rune was one of the teleportation runes that the inhabitants of a magic parallel world ZanZarah used to travel across their lands.Upon her arrival in ZanZarah, Amy discovers that she is the one an ancient prophecy told of and that it is her destiny to become the greatest fairy trainer of all times and save both her world and ZanZarah from impendent destruction. Of course, to accomplish that she must undertake a long journey but being an inquisitive and optimistic person, Amy readily accepts her destiny. After all, this world of ZanZarah looks so much more beautiful and safe than hers…

PII 350
64 MB of RAM
8 MB 3D graphics card

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